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The Web Makes Needless Connections, and a Company Needs to Be Aware of Them All

A humorous South Park bit poked fun at the burdensome swarm of content online. When a company gave themselves a certain acronym, they realized that another group already had the same acronym. They most certainly did not want to be connected with them in any way. It is a classic example of company-specific guilt-by-association on the Internet. The related words and phrases are connected. They are found together on Google.

Fans of the show know the whole story, but there is a reality right underneath the silliness. A company needs to know what is being said on the website and off. Just as importantly, they need to know who they are being connected to. With the wide network of the Internet, it can be impossible to keep control of how things develop. But, a savvy brand can stay on top of the web and keep a tight lid on the growth of text. Text analytics will find results for specific words that can relay patterns, connections, and trends.

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The google search appliance is one method for sifting through large volumes of related text and building connections. Users will be able to search through the Google metadata records. The search algorithm is more involved and potentially more delicate than what is used by a common Google user. For example, a key strong could provide 450,000 responses, but only a few need to be executed. A company has no time to sift through that collection. They resort to the wildcard organization and user-added elements of the Google search application to discover how their particular brand is developing.

There are other benefits to the search appliance that are not immediately useful for company owners building their business. Users can implement the document preview, translation, and autocomplete features with ease. It makes searching easier, but it also makes business development easier. Knowing what is out there is the obvious first step to squishing it, embracing it, or ignoring it. Companies need to be informed of the text. Enterprise search can find the text content right at the source, and provide enough information about it to encourage an informed decision right then and there.

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